The Wee Farm Stand …coming soon!

Organically grown onions.

Organically grown onions.

The Wee Farm Stand will be located out at the fence, by the main driveway.

At 2330 Morland Road. Open on Saturdays, to start.


At the new farm stand, I will be sharing some of the bounty with you all. Not a big CSA or anything like that, but growing extra of this and that and putting it out to the stand, hoping that the flavour of organically grown vegetables inspires more people try something new and maybe even grow more edibles at home.

At the farm stand you will find all kinds of edibles and flowers, too. It will change from week to week as we go through the seasons, with different veggies, fruits, and berries.

The flowers in the bouquets will also be organically grown, no bee killing sprays used! They will have a fragrance, too, unlike the hybridized store bought ones.

Really great looking and tasting edibles and flowers, grown organically, just like grandma used to do. 

The organically grown goodies will be sold by donation at the open stand, with an honesty box to drop your cash into.